Our Horses

The Thoroughbred is the most versatile of breeds and can adapt to other disciplines very quickly. Although they are primarily bred for racing thoroughbreds excel in many other spheres, being highly intelligent, athletic, and very retrainable.

Unlike other breeds, if a thoroughbred starts life at a training yard from an early age they will be well handled, well-travelled and have experienced a lot more than other horses of a similar age. Many of the horses that come to the Centre have had some form of racing career, but for whatever reason, come to us as they are no longer commercially viable as a racehorse.

We also take older horses, or those who have injuries that prevent them from being ridden, and they are rehomed as companions wherever possible.

Many of our ex-racehorses can and do live a useful and sound life well into their 20s and beyond. Often, they are overlooked but in reality they have so much to offer – especially as companion horses.

Riding Horses

All our riding horses have gone through stringent checks and a period of readjustment when they first come to the Centre. Once happy with the horse’s development as a riding horse then we try to match them with a rider as closely as possible.

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Companion Horses

Horses are herd creatures and only thrive with companionship. Many ex-racehorses can live a useful and happy life well into their 20s and beyond. The companion horse will give company and stability to your working horse.

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Resident Horses

The unique and most important part of our support for ex-racehorses is in the provision of sanctuary.

Our permanent residents, who are unable to be rehomed because of their specific mental or physical problems, are cared for by experienced staff at the Centre.

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Success Stories

Thousands of horses leave the racing industry every year, but retirement from racing needn’t mean the end for these horses as thoroughbreds are highly trainable and have talents for many other disciplines. Retraining for most of them is straightforward and they make the transition to becoming a riding horse with ease.

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