We put our values and ethos at the heart of everything we do

What We Do

The Racehorse Sanctuary & Rehoming Centre is based in Pulborough, West Sussex.


When a new horse first arrives at the Centre it will be thoroughly examined by Nigel Dunger, our Yard Manager.

It is not uncommon for a retired racehorse to be suffering from some level of bone stress or tendon injury. If this is the case, then Nigel will decide on a course of treatment to return the horse to good health.

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At The Racehorse Sanctuary & Rehoming Centre, we treat every new arrival as an individual. They all have different temperaments and abilities. Some will adapt to their new life with ease, while others will take more time. Retraining needs to be taken a step at a time. Basically, we are wiping the slate clean and starting again.

We’ll gradually assess their suitability for a new career. Because of their age or a previous injury, some may not be suitable for ridden work, and they will remain at the Centre or be rehomed as a companion.

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Thousands of horses leave the racing industry every year, but retirement from racing needn’t mean the end for these horses as thoroughbreds are highly trainable and most can make the transition to becoming a riding horse with ease.

When a trainer, owner or head of a syndicate is no longer able to keep a horse for various reasons, the Centre will step in and provide a lifeline for the horse.

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As our name implies, the distinctive feature of our support for former racehorses is in providing a sanctuary. Sanctuary from the danger of being put down for economic or social reasons when, with the right care and attention, they are still perfectly capable of enjoying a good quality of life. Or worse still the threat of being passed on to owners who are unable to look after them properly, abuse them or export them illegally for slaughter.

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High Dependency Unit

Our high dependency unit was made possible with the support of a grant from the Sir Peter O’Sullevan Charitable Trust and was named in his memory.

The Sir Peter O’Sullevan High Dependency Unit provides the extra support and care that some horses need before being able to be rehomed.

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