Thousands of horses leave the racing industry every year, but retirement from racing needn’t mean the end for these horses.  Thoroughbreds are highly trainable and most can make the transition to becoming a riding horse with ease.

The Racehorse Sanctuary & Rehoming Centre is a lifeline for ex-racehorses

When a trainer, owner or head of a syndicate is no longer able to keep a horse for various reasons, the Centre will step in and provide a lifeline for the horse.

When a horse has completed its recuperation and re-schooling process with us, we’ll invite applicants looking for a particular type of horse to come to the Centre to be assessed for their suitability and match. If it is decided they are the right person for a horse then a thorough home inspection is carried out, and subject to passing this, the horse is placed on permanent loan to the successful applicant.

The Centre continues to offer aftercare and support in the form of visits and advice on any problems that may occur. This provides the keeper with security in the event that they are not able to afford the horse as we will ensure they have a home for life with us.

Many problems encountered by ex-racehorses are not necessarily due to health but to physiological reasons and these cannot be cured overnight and takes time, patience, and expertise. Equally, having done the groundwork and found the root of the problem, and in most cases cured it, all this work can so easily be undone in the wrong hands. This is why we are so meticulous when choosing a new keeper to take on one of the Centres’ horses.

If you are interested in re-homing an ex-racehorse, then take a look at those horses we currently have at the Centre ready for their forever home.

For the love of ex-racehorses