Companion Horses

Horses are herd creatures and only thrive with companionship. Many ex-racehorses can live a useful and happy life well into their 20s and beyond. Sadly, they are often overlooked but they have so much to offer – especially as companion horses.

The basic cost of keeping a companion thoroughbred will be roughly equivalent to that of a ridden animal. A companion will require the same level of care and attention as a ridden horse and will give the same level of love and affection in return. As a rule, aim for companions of a similar type which will make dietary and management easier and enable your horses to form a bond quickly and easily.

The companion horse will give company and stability to your working horse, and with consideration and planning, you can give a non-ridden ex-racehorse a great quality of life too.

If you are interested in rehoming a companion ex-racehorse, then contact us now.

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